February 6, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of January 31, 2011

Hearts and Buttons

I kept myself pretty busy this week...and
I almost accomplished everything on my crafty to do list.

I finished my valentines/project for the Iron Craft Challenge (#5), but didn't submit pictures of my completed project. I started the creative process a little late and wasn't able to take pictures until Wednesday evening, a.k.a the day they were due. Poor crafting decisions and poor lighting=no submission this time. I need to rethink my crafting schedule. But, I did take pictures of my Iron Craft Challenge project on Thursday.

Heart "Felt" Hair Clips
a la The Purl Bee

On Wednesday I composed and emailed my response to the Iron Craft Challenge's "Let's get to Know Each Other" call for submissions. A somewhat edited version of this craft-centric autobiography can be found on my About Me page.

Speaking of which...

I added a bunch of pages to the blog. Did you notice? One of them is fully functional and the others will be full of links, pdfs, and text in the coming weeks. What do you think?

I continued to scan my great great grandmother's recipes. I've noticed that she did a lot of cooking with dates. I'm guessing that she either really liked dates or they were more popular during the beginning of the 20th century than they are now.

On Thursday I worked to revamp my new sweater with some snazzy buttons. Here is what it looked like:

Comfy, military inspired knit jacket/sweater. Atrocious buttons: shiny, floppy, and somewhat battleworn. But it was on sale and I figured I could find some nicer buttons with which to replace these crappy ones.

I picked up 14 of these buttons from Piedmont Fabric on Thursday after my appointment at Kaiser. They actually had a number of buttons that would have worked nicely with this garment, but these won my heart. Plus they were reasonably priced (.95 each).

12 strategic snips and 1 hour later and I had this:

A comfy modern sweater with classic buttons. These buttons were made for this sweater. The others: heading to Creative Reuse.

Continuing this re-vamp theme, I beautified my new cell phone. Evan bought me a snazzy skin and hard case. Both arrived this week and I was eager to put them to good use.

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