February 13, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of February 7, 2011

I have a wicked headache, so just a quick note about my crafty activities this week.

The installation of my project for the Iron Craft Challenge went well. I got a lot of great responses on Flickr. Sadly, though, I'm not doing so well in the polls. Last I checked I had 8 votes. But that's ok; I had a lot of fun making it...plus, I'm starting to connect with a lot of great groups and people on Flickr through these Iron Craft Challenges. So far I've added about 5 people to my contacts and I've joined 2 groups dedicated to sharing photos of vintage pyrex and bowls.

I made chocolate ice cream. It tasted more like the love child of a chocolate mouse and ice cream, but it was still very tasty. Evan and I ate it as parfaits with whipped cream and m&ms on top. I took pictures, but believe me, they're not worth sharing. I also tried the pizza dough recipe...and it worked great! The recipe called for pulsing the dough together in the food processor, proofing it in the fridge overnight, shaping it into thin disks, and then baking the pizzas on a pizza stone at 500 degrees F. So good!

I finished all my valentine's and even got them in the mail in time. (Big win!)

Have you noticed the new page? I added it on Wednesday and am quite pleased with it. I'm currently drafting a list of items to add to my Favorite Things page.

I totally jumped the gun on Homeroom. I was so excited about trying it out that I skipped a whole week. They open tomorrow and begin their regular hours on Tuesday. Never fear, though: I've already made to plans to visit this slice of heaven on earth on Sunday.

OK, time for bed. More crafty talk tomorrow.

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