December 28, 2011

Krampus Festivus

Christmas Day feast for us and our friends. We hosted the first Krampus Festivus last year and had a grand ol' time. This year was even better.

Merry Krampus!

Nibbles before the big meal...and beer. Just the beginning....

Krampus Cocktail: Metaxa, pomegranate juice, gin, ginger ale, orange slices.

The main act: roast leg of lamb with herbs, garlic, and a special secret ingredient.

The sides: roasted brussel sprouts

and crispy potatoes.

Serious drinking.

Special guests.


Time for dessert: homemade apple pie, eggnog cheesecake, and holiday sweets.

We made pecan bars, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, hazelnut mocha truffles, and peppermint marshmallows.

It's not a party if it doesn't end like this.
Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating Krampus Festivus. And thanks for bringing the tasty tasties.