February 8, 2012

The Green Thumb Test

Two weeks ago I shared that one of my succulents was growing a baby. Since then this little offset has grown nearly 2 inches and I decided that I wanted to try transplanting it to its own bit of soil. I couldn't find much information on the interwebs about how to do this, so I checked out this book from my local library. I followed the author's instructions--carefully detach the offset and pack into moistened cacti soil. 

Now, the hardest part: wait a couple of weeks before watering (to stave off root rot). *Fingers crossed that it will set down some roots and be happy.*

February 4, 2012

Sharing is Caring

A few weeks ago I received a lovely message from SevenBlue (aka Julie), a fellow Ravelry member. She was writing regarding one of my patterns--which she was currently working on--and had a few friendly suggestions on how to improve the instructions. Recently she sent me a note saying she had finished it. I think it looks great!

This is a first for me. It feels good knowing that my patterns are reaching an audience...even if it is one person.