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I love my (mostly) weekly trips to my local farmers' market.  Most Saturdays I wake up around 8:30am, roll out out of bed, pull on a pair of pants, throw my hair into a ponytail, and head out the door between 8:45 and 9. Five minutes later, I'm meandering through the Grand Lake Farmers' Market and visiting my favorite vendors. 

Summer is especially special because the market is brimming with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, strawberries, and more. 

The market is great during the winter months because it's brimming with hearty greens, root veggies, and citrus. I especially love the heirloom carrots that you can't readily get from the grocery store.

Bread, pastries, and sweet goodies are always in season. 

I have to admit that living in California affords me the luxury of agricultural seasons that are not as starkly defined as in other parts of the U.S. Regardless, I appreciate how the market reflects the change in seasons, especially since there is always something great at the farmers' market. I always come home with tasty produce and I always have a good time doing so...just as long as I get there and back before it gets too crowded.

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