January 15, 2011

Farm Fresh Diary

January 15, 2011

The rain has stopped, the cold spell has snapped and today was a perfect day for a trip to the farmers' market. I brought my camera along and took a couple of pictures so I could share the bounty that is the Grand Lake Farmers' Market. As I walked into the marketplace and surveyed the great produce and pleasant weather, I thought about how lucky I am to live in California. Take a look.

Saturday morning princesses grooving to steel drums.

Beautiful citrus...and tomatoes (in the back)--only in California.

This guy has amazing heirloom carrots and tons of hearty greens.

The Roli Roti stand smells sooooo good!

What I came home with:

A gigantic head of cauliflower, a bunch of heirloom carrots and two bunches of kale
(a variety I've never tried), all for $8. And, potato rosemary bread from Panorama.

A lovely bouquet of flowers. So pretty!

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  1. This makes me miss Grand Lake somethin' awful! ;_; We haven't made it to our local farmers' market yet but I'm sure it's not as lovely as that one (usually) was.