January 23, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of January 17, 2011

This week I:

Completed my first Iron Craft Challenge! And my project was featured on their blog! Totally awesome.

I had fun ma
king the garland and it turned out just how I had envisioned it. I think I'm going to make another, longer one that will hang from the columns in our apartment. I like the idea of seasonal garlands...

Began and completed the hat special order (in 2 days!) and began the scarf.
Like this one, but in black.

I had some trouble with developing the pattern for the scarf, but after 3 false starts it's now about 3/4 done and I hope to complete it tonight. Fortunately, the failed attempts have given me ideas for other projects.

Made my first bento box lunch. I even used my Japanese "lunch pail" to carry my bento to work.

What cuteness could it hold?
Hedgehog shaped cheese and salami bites, crackers, avocado slices, sugar peas, and a rabbit shaped hard boiled egg.

The egg got a little squashed and the bento wasn't as elaborate or cute as the obento, in my cookbook but I think it was pretty good for my first try. Plus, it was super tasty...and surprisingly filling.

Evan made his first bento this week, too. And I got to eat it.

A somewhat abstract, yet recognizable, bear, some teriyaki chicken, and a considerably squashed bear shaped hard boiled egg.

I also found some neat Valentine's Day cards from a number of Etsy sellers and gifted the slippers to my Dad.

I watched this neat short Etsy bio on Mabel Pike, a true artisan and craftswoman who makes really neat beaded pieces. Take a few minutes to watch it and admire her marvelous work and creative mindset.

Still working on the other things...

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