January 30, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of January 24

This week was:

I did some research and found some local organizations that I might want to help out on my day off. My short of list of possibilities include the Museum of Children's Art, the East Bay Children's Book Project and The Bookmark. I'll be calling volunteer coordinators and program directors on Thursday. Hopefully I'll have a volunteer position by next week.

I made some changes to the blog: changed the name, added some gadgets to the left side bar, and came up with some ideas about adding pages.

Put my fingers to my keyboard and documented my "meaty" mushroom lasagna recipe. Now I just need a sexy, mouthwatering picture of the final dish to visually sell it.


I finished Amanda's cowl and I even made the pattern into a pdf. I also came up with a nifty title for it: Lancet Lace Infinity Cowl (shout out to all my art history buddies!).

Now my yarn stash exists in the virtual Internet world. And now I can simply select a yarn from my stash the next time I add a project. It's a beautiful thing. Check it out on my Ravelry account to see what I have.

Updated my Ravelry account with some projects:

Ruby Red Wrist Warmers

They didn't sell at the craft fairs, so now they're mine.

Crochet Heart Garlands

Better pictures than last time.


Began scanning my ancestor's recipes, but there's only so many I can do at one time. Some look very promising, some not so much. Maybe I'll post some...later...

Took a long walk yesterday and did some shopping today: I picked up some sweaters, a hat, and a new cell phone--finally. I also ordered a fancy skin and a clear case. Hopefully it will help protect it.

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