January 17, 2011

Week of Crafts

January 17, 2011

This week I will:

Complete my first Iron Craft challenge. I'm participating in this one and for it I am making something like this. I will hang it from the top corner of my crafty cabinet.

Begin (and hopefully) finish two special orders. One is this hat and the other will be a scarf that features its lace pattern.

Make a bento lunch. My dear friend Christina gifted me a copy of Yum Yum Bento Box for Christmas and I am very anxious to try it out. I can guarantee that my bento box lunches will not be nearly as elaborate as those featured in this book, but they will be just as tasty.

Gift the slippers. They are far too big for me and I am not willing to spend $1.50 to run them through the felting process again, especially if there's no guarantee that they'll felt any further. My goal is that their recipient will be wearing them around the house by the end of the week.

Find a volunteer position. I will, I will, I will.

Perhaps create some pages for this here blog. I feel that one page each for my This Week in Crafts and Farm Fresh Diary is needed. Any insight?

Find some kick ass Valentine's Day cards. I know it's early, but I found some nice ones on Etsy and I want to make sure that I get them in time.

***The photo at the beginning of the post is something fun that I picked up at Ichiban Kan this weekend. Crunky never tasted so good.***


  1. Iron Craft sounds fun! I can't want to see your finished projects.

    Bentos are too much fun to make, I'll have to skim through that book, I'm always looking for new recipes. I try not to use food coloring in them though (to make rice green etc) as it's not very appetizing to me, hahaha

  2. You could always make a white frog. Or mix in rice seasonings that have bits of nori. The book has suggestions for natural dyes, too. But I don't think they have any hints for green.

    I'm eating a bento right now. I took pictures!