February 19, 2011

Farm Fresh Diary

February 19, 2011

It's a chilly, rainy Saturday in Oakland. I pulled on my rain boots, bundled up, put on my cap, and stepped out for a quick trip to the farmers' market. My shopping list was short this week--partly because of the weather and partly because I have other things to spend my cash on this weekend (Homeroom with family and friends tomorrow!!!).

Stir Fry Winter Greens

As you might remember I bought a bunch of this stuff two weekends ago. Amazingly it kept really, really well and I finally got around to cooking it this week. I sauteed the mix in a chicken broth, garlic and an ample splash of lemon juice and it was delicious! Evan isn't a big fan, but sauteed greens like these are one of my favorites for lunch. I thought about picking up a bunch each of two of the greens in this mix, but opted for the mix instead. Though I did pick through the basket for my favorites (kale). Isn't it beautiful?

Pink Ladies

The apples from last weekend's trip to the farmers' market did not disappoint. The Fuji was pretty good and the Pink Lady apples were delicious. This morning I bought 3 (organic) Pink Ladies from another vendor that I've patroned before. They were a little over $1 each, but I'd rather pay a little bit more for a good apple than pay nothing for a bad one. I'm looking forward to eating these for breakfast. Oh, and they smell heavenly.

Breakfast pastries

Panorama was not at the market this morning (they usually aren't when it rains). I was hoping they would be there because Evan requested a cheese danish for breakfast. Thankfully OktoberFeast was there and they had their usual selection of breads, pastries, pretzels, and danishes. I got a cheese danish for Evan and a pretzel croissant for myself.

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