February 27, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of February 21, 2011

OK. So, I had pretty lofty goals for myself this week: embroidery, embroidery, and more embroidery. I got a good deal of it done:

Sacra-tomato piece for this week's Iron Craft Challenge

Stitches I Know. I don't have a picture of the finished piece, but it's done. Though I'm not 100% happy with it...probably because I didn't do a good deal of it right. Grrr...

And yet I still feel like I fell short of my goals which included designing and stitching a fruits and veggie scene for my farmers' market tote. But I have a good reason: according to the doctor I saw this week, I've developed some sort of nerve related inflammation (or something) in my left arm, most likely caused by repetitive actions, such as typing. It's not painful, but it's irritating and pretty constant...especially when I'm typing and stitching. So I've been trying to take things easy this past week. I can feel it getting worse as I'm typing right now. I should probably wrap up this post.

But before I go, this week I also:

* Ate a really tasty cheese roll for breakfast. (I know it's not crafty, and I didn't make it, but it was really good!)

* Walked for Choice on Saturday. (One of my pictures from the walk was featured in a Buzzfeed post, too!)

* Finished another page. Now you can access each and every This Weeks in Crafts post from one centralized location. Check it out; let me know what you think.

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