February 13, 2011

Oakland Walk (Part 2)

Yesterday I mentioned that Evan and I were heading over to Oakland Chinatown to check out a Chinese New Year cultural festival. I thought that it was going to be a street festival and so I was eagerly looking forward to stalls bursting with bright red and gold rabbit decorations, pinwheels, cell phone accessories, colorful flowers, and street food. To be honest, I was really only interested in the street food. Unfortunately yesterday's festival was not what I had envisioned: it was contained to a room above the Chinatown library and was pretty much over by the time we arrived. So much for a lunch of dim sum and street food.

Instead we went to lunch at Breads of India and walked around the city.

We ended up in Jack London Square where we discovered The Find, a once a month antiques fair. I had a great time checking out vintage clothing, jewelry, plates, scarves, embroidery hoops, and more. The vendors had a lot of great stuff, but unfortunately for me, their prices reflected the value of their items. I want to go back next month though. It's always fun to look.

Webster Street.

Construction in Downtown Oakland. Webster Street.

Oakland Tribune building.

Neat Art Deco architecture. Webster Street.

I love this building. I noticed it for the first time yesterday. There's a lot of really great architecture in downtown Oakland, all you have to do is look around.

Spring is coming! I love daffodils and they're popping up all around town. Fairyland, Bellevue Ave and Grand Ave.

Grand Lake Theater.

Grand Lake Theater.

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