February 8, 2011

Week of Crafts

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up. I completely forgot to do it last night and it just occurred to me that today is Tuesday. Here's why: I worked nearly 11 hours yesterday to put on our Annual Stakeholders Meeting and didn't get home until 9pm. As for forgetting that today is Tuesday: I'm attending a volunteer management training session on Thursday and so I made today my day off. Understandably, my internal calendar is all mixed up. At any rate my crafty to-do list is ample this week. Here is what I would like to do:

Tuesday (also known as tonight)
  • Make ice cream! Cook's Country sent me a "complimentary" issue; it has great recipes, including one for easy chocolate ice cream. According to the recipe all I need to do is melt chocolate, some dissolved espresso powder, condensed milk, and vanilla extract, and then mix in soft-peak whipped cream. Then you pour it into a air tight container and pop it in the freezer. We'll see...
  • Finish my project for Iron Craft Challenge #6-Iron Craft Winter Contest. I've been working on it since Saturday and I'm really excited to share it with my fellow Iron Crafters on Flickr. Sorry, no sneak-peak pictures. You'll have to wait until tomorrow when I post it on their Flickr group and this here site.
  • Start (and hopefully complete) and order for some Heart "Felt" Valentines.

  • Install, photograph, submit, and post my project for the Iron Craft Challenge. (Super excited to do this one!)
  • Pop the Valentines order in the mail.
  • Continue to scan the recipes that I've been working to digitally preserve.
  • Make the pizza dough recipe published in one of Cook's Illustrated latest episodes.

  • Choose a page and fill it with posts.
  • Clean up my desktop and upload pictures to my Flickr. I've been exploring groups and members on Flickr, and I have some pictures that I want to contribute.
  • Get Valentine's in the mail.

  • I'm sure I have something...I just can't remember it right now.

  • Make chicken stock.
  • Do some crafty stuff.

  • Check out Homeroom--the newest, neatest restaurant in Oakland. Why such accolades? Their menu and culinary emphasis is macaroni and cheese. *be still my heart.* My first trip to Homeroom will be with my dear friend Christina and I am so extremely excited about it. I love mac 'n cheese so naturally this will quite possibly become my favorite place in the world--besides my mom's kitchen, of course. I'll make sure to bring my camera along. Stay tuned for a Homeroom/mac 'n cheese post sometime in the near future.

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