February 5, 2011

Oakland Walk

Upon finishing a breakfast of challah french toast with raspberry jam, applewood smoked bacon, and coffee, I settled down on the couch for a day of catching up on my blog feed, cleaning up my desktop, editing photos, and working on my to do list for this week. Evan thought differently. He wanted to go for a walk. And I can't blame him: he works from home so by the time Saturday rolls around he's itching to get out of the apartment. Plus it was really, really nice outside. So I closed my laptop and put on some walking shoes and away we went. Here's what we saw, did, and enjoyed on this sunny, warm Oakland day.

Someone is revitalizing this food joint. It's been vacant for years and has been a big eyesore. It's really exciting to see the positive changes that are taking place, though I am really annoyed with the amount of attention that it gets from hoodlum graffiti taggers: it gets tagged every time the owner puts on a new coat of paint. I hope it stops and/or they catch those jerks.

Grand Lake Theater.

Grand Lake Theater. Evidence of the revitalization efforts on this Oakland landmark.

Grand Lake Theater. New coat of paint and new bulbs.

Beautiful day in Oakland.

Religious nuts in Oakland. Webster Street and 17th-ish.

Tay Ho Restaurant.

Tay Ho Restaurant. #8: Ground pork and woodear mushroom mixture wrapped in soft rice noodles, more rice noodles, bean sprout, cucumber, mint, and basil salad, shrimp popover, sweet potato tempura, and pork cake. Very, very tasty (and economical), especially with sambal oelek and hoisin sauce. The fizzy lemonade was very tasty, too.

Thumbs up to this street art.

Old Oakland historic building. Current residence of Breads of India.

Old Oakland. 9th and Broadway. I love this two-tier sidewalk and wrought iron fencing.

Old Oakland. 9th and Broadway. Beautiful historic architecture.

Classy lamp for sale in Chinatown shop. They had tons of great stuff, this was one of the best.

Hello Kitty Ramune soda found at Sweetheart Cafe. It was very unfortunate that we could get the cap off; I was looking forward to some refreshing Hello Kitty fizzy goodness because it was warm and I was thirsty.


  1. Okay, it is difficult to read "religious nuts in Oakland" because I applaud their courage to put up a billboard. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and this beautiful life that you have photographed and documented is, unfortunately, temporary. And the billboard is temporary too, I imagine they haven't paid for it to be up forever. I don't know what the date posted is about. I am not ready to GO yet!! Ha. And I applaud the fact that we live in a country where we can have billboards of every persuasion and people are free to publicly diss them. I love your photography. Very talented. I look forward to following you! Hope you are having a great day!!

  2. Barbara,
    Thanks for your comment; it's always great to hear from my readers. Though I have to admit that I am having a hard time finding a connection between your personal religious beliefs and Family Radio's "courage" to put up a billboard--my feeling is that just because someone is courageous doesn't make them any less fanatical or homophobic, as this organization clearly is. I--like you--appreciate the fact that I live in a society where I can make an observation about a religious belief such as theirs just as much as I respect your right to express yourself as ensured by the protection of freedom of speech. I encourage you to go to their website to learn first hand from where my comment came.
    On another note, I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying my photos of Oakland. I truly love this city and sharing that love with a wider audience. And it pleases me to know that there are others who share this sentiment of mine. I look forward to hearing your feedback concerning my future posts regarding my handcrafts and the city of Oakland.
    All the best.