February 21, 2011

Week of Crafts

This week I want to focus on embroidery. Ideally, I'd like to:

Finish the "Stitches I Know" piece and affix it to...something. Perhaps a bag.

Work on my project for Iron Craft Challenge 8: Hometown. I've already drafted the design and started stitching. I'm also thinking of taking this challenge's theme one step further and making another piece to represent my new hometown. We'll see...

Here's a peek. Can you guess my hometown?

Design, stitch, and sew a fruits and veggies scene for an extra large canvas bag that would make a great shopping bag. Embroidered fruits and veggies + large canvas bag = super cute trips to the farmers' market.

And...it's not embroidery, but I plan to publish 2 more pages.

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