February 20, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of February 14, 2011

Let's see...

On Monday I made yummy treats for Valentine's Day.

Chocolate covered strawberries and hazelnut biscotti.

On Tuesday I whipped up a sparkly barrette for Iron Craft Challenge 7: Midas Touch.

On Wednesday I picked up embroidery again and nearly finished the piece that I began a looong time ago. All I need to do now is complete the "Stitches I Know" portion.

On Thursday I whipped up a aromatherapy sachet birthday present for my friend. To be honest I had intended on turning this project into a tutorial post, but I abandoned my original design for a much simpler one and I didn't feel up to documenting the whole process. It didn't turn out as polished as I had envisioned but I like it just the same. (I even made one for the cabinet where we keep our kitchen trash and compost bins. Latest stroke of genius by far.)

Filled with dried lavender. Smells heavenly!

I didn't do much on Friday or Saturday (except blog about my trip to the farmers' market and Lucky Ju Ju's).

Today, I at mac n' cheese. Glorious, glorious mac n' cheese. I arrived at Homeroom--along with my friend Christina, my brother Tristan, and his girlfriend Kelly--a little before noon. Homeroom was already full of locals eating up cheesy macaroni, but thankfully our wait was minimal (about 15 minutes). Seating was cozy and the mac was cozier. I'll just let the pictures speak for me:

Christina's choice: Classic Mac--good ol' cheddar cheese sauce. So yummy!

Spicy Mac (today's special) for Tristan--a traditional mac n' cheese with a spicy jack cheese instead of cheddar. Lots of spice of all kinds that gradually changed in composition as it lingered on the palate.

Kelly got the Trailer Mac--mild cheddar sauce with bits of hot dog topped with potato chips. (To anyone from Sacramento: this tastes exactly like a grilled cheese dog sandwich--potato chips and all--from Vic's Ice Cream.)

And I got The Exchange Student: Cacio e Pepe--Homeroom's take on the classic Italian pasta featuring a sauce of pecorino cheese and cracked peppercorns.

I also got some roasted carrots (gotta eat my veggies!). They were a little oily, but were roasted perfectly.

The kids split a homemade oreo for dessert. Sorry, no picture: I was quickly slipping into a mac n' cheese induced coma. Next time...next time. Promise.

want more? read my yelp review of Homeroom.

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