November 20, 2010

Farm Fresh Diary: November 20, 2010

Sorry for the lapse in posts. I went home last weekend (and so missed the farmers market) and then I was really busy preparing for the Mills Holiday Craft Fair on Thursday. The good news is I made it to the market this week and have tons of pictures of my craft stuff and the fair.

I didn't think I'd be able to make it to the farmers' market this week on account of the rain. Every meteorologist in the Bay Area reported rain all day Saturday and I didn't think that I'd want to brave the wet weather. But when I woke up this morning the weather was pretty nice: no rain, just chilly. So I decided to give it a shot; besides, I really wanted some bacon and I figured I might find some at the butcher stall. I donned my rain boots and jacket and set out. Here's what I got:

Thai basil, green beans and a red bell pepper (for dinner), ginger, red potatoes (for Evan), bacon (yum), and a pretzel croissant.

My first stop was the Range Brothers stall. They didn't have bacon listed on their board but I spotted apple and bacon sausage. I love chicken and apple sausage and figured that these would make a perfect substitute for bacon. But when I got to the register I discovered that they had accidentally sent the box that had the apple and bacon sausage to Danville. Fortunately, they had bacon! It was a bit pricier than the sausages--and therefore cost me more than I had anticipated--but I couldn't say no. The bacon was pretty good...maybe not as good as the $9 I spent for 12oz of the stuff, but it was tasty and went well with the homemade biscuits that I made for breakfast.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what a pretzel croissant is. Well...its exactly what it sounds like: its a cross between a pretzel and a croissant. It has the light, airy texture of a croissant but tastes like a pretzel. I picked one up from the OctoberFeast Bakery stall--the same place that makes the pretzels that I like--to hold us over until I could make the biscuits.

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