November 6, 2010

Farm Fresh Diary: November 6, 2010

The farmers' market was lovely this morning. I did a little perusing, had a nice conversation with an apple vendor, and found some beautiful flowers. I picked up 3-ish pounds of heirloom tomatoes (for making sauce), a bunch of thyme, and 3 New York Special apples. Apples were really the only item that I had on my mental shopping list today and so I was quite satisfied with myself when I found these. I had never heard of New York Special apples before and was very curious. So I gathered up some courage and asked the vendor about them. He gave me a sample and explained that they are a cross between Braeburn and McIntosh varieties. We also had a short conversation about apples that was very pleasant. At any rate, the apples are very tasty and now they're one of my favorite varieties.

I also got some pastries for breakfast (the usual from Panorama) and splurged a bit on these flowers. I didn't plan on getting two bunches, but they were reasonably priced and I really fell in love with the idea of mixing them together like so:

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