November 8, 2010

Home Improvements and Autumn Decorations

Every once in a while I feel like changing things up a little bit. About two weeks ago I started to notice that I was coming down with a case of the home improvement blues. It all began when I suddenly realized that I was absolutely sick of the pile of shoes that had manifested in our "entry way". (I say "entryway" in quotes because its proximity to the door, rather than its size, is what qualifies it as an entryway.) I then realized that I had far too many pairs of socks, my shoes were far too inaccessible to allow for regular use, and there was nothing in the apartment that said "Fall is here!".

So I decided that changes had to be made. I cleaned out my sock drawer (it's the simple things in life), relocated my shoes from an inaccessible corner between two dressers to the shelf above said space, and bought myself a nifty, sleek shoe rack (that I picked up from Target for $10 and 10 minutes of my time). I also strategically placed some removable hooks around the apartment, (finally) hung my painting, and set up a lovely little autumn themed center piece on our coffee table.

I took a cue from my friend Christina and utilized a silk scarf that I inherited from my grandmother and used it as a table cloth. I like to think that using it to add some color to the living room is a much more effective way to use this piece of cloth, especially when you consider that it's been living in my dresser for years.

I also filled a small basket that I often use to display my work at craft fairs with decorative gourds--organic and otherwise. The "real" decorative gourds were on sale at the market and I made the other two from a pattern that I found online. They took me less than an hour to make and I think hat they help to make a lovely arrangement.

And lastly I added a vase of marigolds to the mix. I really love marigolds, especially in November. Stay tuned to see what I do for Christmas.

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