October 2, 2010

Farm Fresh Diary: October 2, 2010

I went to the farmers' market this morning with a shopping list--a bonafide shopping list where every item was needed for a specific purpose. And although I did my shopping a little later than usual, I found everything that I needed and got some good deals.

First on the list: tomatoes, parsley, and basil. My brother is living on his own for the first time and is in his first semester at college to boot. I made him pasta sauce and bought him various Asian snacks when he first moved into his apartment a month and a half ago. He's finally run out and texted me with a request for more. I've got some tomato sauce made and ready to go but I want to make sure he has some variety. So this time I decided to make him some pesto as well. (Plus he's getting some leftover, homemade chicken and rice soup and creamy acorn squash soup.)

I had originally planned on making bruschetta from the booty that I brought back from the market last Saturday, but that didn't happen. Instead made my semi-traditional basil pesto* and a fresh and sun-dried tomato pesto. They worked out quite well and I figured they would fit the bill. And so I picked up some Early Girl tomatoes and a ton of basil.
Three bunches or a whole bowl-full of the stuff (only $5!).

I whipped up a batch of each and divided them into generous 1/3 cup portions that I put in freezer proof containers so that he doesn't have to worry about planning
too far ahead for dinner.

*I like to use slightly cooked garlic rather than raw and almonds instead of pine nuts (for budgetary reasons).

I also picked up a lovely bunch of carrots from Happy Boy Farms and a very dirty bunch of celery. ("The dirt means its farm fresh!") I trimmed the tops and cleaned them up--respectively--and set them aside for making chicken broth, a process that I will elaborate on at a later date.

And, of course, I got some pastries as well. This time I branched out and tried a nutty sticky bun from a vendor that I've never tried before. The bun was very alluring but I couldn't help but feel like I was betraying Panorama. I feel a sense of loyalty to them...I love their breads and have recently discovered their pastries. This time I stuck with the blueberry danish and decided to try the almond danish. The pastries were all quite tasty (especially the almond danish). I think I've developed a new Saturday morning tradition...or addiction. Either way, all I can say is "yum."

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