October 16, 2010

Farm Fresh Diary: October 14, 2010

I'm on top of things this morning...sort of. The farmers' market was lovely today, like always. I can tell that the summer season is coming to a close; the price of heirloom tomatoes has dropped, strawberries and basil are getting scarce, and apples are taking the place of cherries and peaches. I'm looking forward to winter produce, but I have to admit that I'm already missing the basil.

Last Saturday I spoke to an egg vendor (I can't remember which one) and promised him that I would pick up some eggs next time. True to my word, his stall was the first one that I went to this morning. I'm not used to buying eggs from the farmers' market, and although I know that paying a few extra dollars for organic and humanely produced eggs is totally worth it, I can't bring myself to pay $6 or so for a dozen eggs.
So I'm taking baby steps and got a dozen, reasonably priced eggs from Petaluma farms. Once I got home I realized that this might not have been the best choice because I don't know anything about this egg producer. I fear that I made a classic mistake of trusting that everything at the farmers' market is ethically produced. But I plan on checking out Petaluma farms and their rating from The Cornucopia Institute. (Check out their short video on egg producers; very informative and influential without using the scare tactics often utilized in other food production documentaries.)

Some other things that I got: Italian and Japanese eggplant, a bunch of thai basil, and strawberries. I'm thinking of making some sort of Thai-style stir fry with the Japanese eggplant and basil. And I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the other eggplant...maybe eggplant parmesan or something like that...or maybe ratatouille.

It looks like Italian basil, but believe me it isn't. I love the color of eggplant.

I also bought some other items for breakfast: two muffins from the stall that I bought the sticky bun a few weeks ago, and two peaches--one yellow and one white. The blue berry was quite good but the banana nut was very disappointing; it was made with banana flavoring instead of actual bananas and as a result tasted like banana flavored candy instead of banana bread. I felt bad tossing it into the compost, but I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. I think I'll stick with the blue berry or the danishes from Panorama. Lesson learned. The peaches weren't very good either: not sweet and kinda mealy. I guess summer really is ending.

Panorama wasn't at the market this morning so instead I bought a pretzel from another bakery; they're dark brown, clearly handmade, and
very alluring. I had been thinking about trying their pretzels for quite some time, but never had enough money left after doing all my other shopping. Anyways, the pretzel was really good--I was planning on saving it for later, but after the "banana" nut muffin bombed, I ate the pretzel instead. So I guess it was a good think that Panorama wasn't there today. Next time, no "banana" nut muffin and more pretzels...and pictures, I promise.

Now off to the Old Oakland Beer Festival!

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