April 3, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of March 28, 2011

It's a been a while since I've had the energy (or completed photographs) to do this post. But now I do, so let's get to it:

This week I:

made Darla for Iron Craft Challenge...

baked red velvet whoopie pies for a friend...

photographed all the potholders (and one granny square) that I made over the last 2 weeks.

Pattern from Mandy.

This one is Mandy's, too; though I had to improvise a bit on the border.

I had to use my crochet code-reading skills for this one: the pattern is in Japanese. Thankfully, the author includes a diagram.

Mandy's as well. I love this yarn!


No pattern in particular. Just a regular granny square, nothin' fancy.

I'm using a couple as decorative pieces and the others as place holders for my heavy duty cookery. You'll see...

finally put the finishing touches on my Spring cleaning project in the kitchen. Here are some before and after pictures:


We were using this icky bookshelf for miscellaneous crockery: our rice cooker, dutch ovens, baking pans. And the blue table for produce and my vintage Pyrex bowls. Both pieces first belonged to Evan and followed us with the move nearly two years ago. The set up was cumbersome and looked terrible. An update was desperately needed. (I'm pleased to say that we're getting rid of the shelf.)

The cupboards needed re-organizing, too. Ingredients and pantry items were scattered and the paper towels that I had laid down to catch any leaks needed to be replaced.


Ta-da! New bookshelf, with space for the dutch ovens, Pyrex collection, produce bowls, pannini press, and wine. So pretty.

I'm using the potholders to add some color and protect the shelves. Initially I wanted to make one to protect my cast iron skillet, but once I made one I couldn't stop.

Then I re-imagined the pantry: cleaned the shelves, added contact paper, and moved things around. This isn't all of it, but I'm sure you get the idea. There's also more to Spring cleaning to be done in other parts of the apartment, but that'll have to wait.

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