April 17, 2011

This Week in Crafts

Week of April 11, 2011

More crocheted things!

This week I made coasters. I used the small version of this pattern.

And today I assembled the very special dessert for which I bought all those strawberries. Yesterday was my dad's birthday and today I went home to help celebrate. I wanted to make something special, sweet, and fruity. Strawberries and whipped cream were a no-brainer choice. So I got out my cookbooks and decided on America's Test Kitchen's Strawberry Cream Cake:

A sturdy yellow cake cut into thirds that sandwich layers of cream cheese-whipping cream frosting, fresh strawberries, and a kirsch infused strawberry puree. The mint leaves were my idea. (I'm very proud of that.)

Despite my slight mishap in cake cutting skills I think it turned out pretty good in the looks department. And even better in the taste department as evidenced by the "after" picture.

I'm definitely making this again. And I'm even scheming on a whoopie pie version.

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