March 20, 2011

Meet the Boys

I made a bunch of potholders this week...and yet I'm not blogging about them. Hmmm...Well, you see, I was planning on taking pictures of my new handmade collection this afternoon, but I ran out of steam. This week was pretty busy and I spent a good deal of my weekend reimagining the kitchen, so when 4 o'clock rolled around this afternoon I was pooped.

In lieu of crafty pictures I am going to introduce you to my feline friends. Their owners are out of town until April and I am watching after them.

Rocket is 1 1/2 and he is a big loverboy. Isn't he pretty?

This cutie pie is Comet. He's almost a year old and is the sweetest lil' dope.

And this little rapscallion is Houston. He's about 8 months old and he is a troublemaker.

We're all curled up on the couch (Comet is purring away on my chest) and I'm sure they'll all be sleeping on my face tonight. But that's ok. I like it.

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