March 16, 2011

Iron Craft Challenge Wednesday

Hello friends. It's been quite a while (I know) but these past few weeks have been a bit iffy. The tingly sensation in my left arm, not feeling well last week, and jury duty service led to a general funk that inhibited my desire to craft and blog. But I'm on the mend and I am pleased to share my participation in the most recent Iron Craft Challenge.

Last Thursday Susi and Kathy challenged us Iron Crafters to make something green...the color, that is. This challenge has worked in my benefit. You see, I have all this green yarn and I've been wanting to make oversized doilies/pot holders for the kitchen (you'll see why soon enough). Here is what I made:

This isn't the best picture, but it'll do...for now.

The pattern is from fellow Raveler Mandy Powers. You can get the pattern (for free!) here.

Now I'm off to make a bunch more.


  1. Well done, Alicia. I've been on a potholder crocheting kick this week too.

  2. Thanks Lolly! I'd love to see them.