October 23, 2011

Sushi Sunday

Yesterday was a day for trying new things. First we went to Cactus Jungle to find some plants for the patio. Afterwards we stopped at Tokyo Fish Market (also in Berkeley). I had wanted to check out this store for some time and I was determined to make sushi this weekend. 
They had lots of great Japanese grocery items. I was particularly impressed by the produce section (fresh yuzu!), wall of fresh fish (duh), Hawaiian specialties, and their vast array of tobiko (regular, black, habanero, wasabi, and yuzu). They seemed to have everything one would need to make a tasty meal. I picked up some sushi rice, some fish, Japanese cucumbers (a first), miso, and wasabi. 

Here's what I made of it all:
 To start: miso soup with shitake.

 Hamachi sashimi and the usual accoutrements. 
"Rustic" hamachi nigiri.
Tuna roll. (Less rice next time.) 
Asparagus with sweet soy sauce and chili pepper. (An experiment and treat for myself.)
Almost-vegetarian roll: avocado, shittake, carrot, cucumber, tobiko. 
Tuna with avocado and cucumber. My favorite of the bunch.
Everything turned out pretty good and we ate well. I think I need to work on my rice to filling ratio, though. I guess I'll have to practice. 

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