October 1, 2011

An Adventure

Evan and I went on an adventure today. We traversed many neighborhoods and under the bay to get to San Francisco's Japantown. There we meandered through stores filled with every imaginable import from the land of the rising sun. 

I tried my best to exercise self restraint, but alas the lure of bento supplies, adorable ceramics, kawaii stationary, and sushi cookbooks proved too strong. 
Super kawaii.
I tried my best to resist, but this bear face seduced me.
Yummy things inside.
We treated ourselves to a super tasty lunch of sashimi bento and ramen at a place called Kushi Tsuru, and then topped it all off with a crepe...Japan style. 

Belly Good Cafe & Crepes
Plastic food for an authentic experience.

Too cute to eat? I think not.
Yes. Cornflakes.
The End.

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