December 3, 2010

Week of Hats: Day 5

I know I designated this week to hats, but I haven't been able to photograph my latest creation. So instead I am making an exception so that I can follow through with my goal of a post a day (and show off some more of my handiwork).

Woven Herringbone Transforming Cowl

Inspiration for this neckwear came from this project and undoubtedly from the monotony of sorting out the ceramics collection at a museum that I used to work for. I was working on photographing and storing ceramics one day last fall when all of a sudden it hit me: why not make an infinity scarf that could be worn in many different ways? I quickly sketched out my idea and set it aside for further investigation. Nearly a year later I've realized my idea and am quite pleased with the results:

A chunky scarf with beautiful buttons and a choose your own style twist: the buttons are fully functional and allow the wearer to style the piece in any way she wants--as a scarf, a loop, or a twisted cowl (pictured).

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