December 26, 2010

Holiday Favorites

I've been a naughty, naughty blogger: I haven't posted in a while and I never posted pictures from last Saturday's (semi-disastrous) holiday baking session. I spent the week finishing Christmas gifts, stressing over lost and/or delayed packages (grr), hopping on a train to visit my Great Grandmoter for her 94th birthday, helping my Mom host Christmas Eve dinner, and throwing a very festive Merry Krampus party yesterday.

Here is a collection of photos that represent some of the more memorable aspects of this Holiday Season...or at least those that I had the time and energy to take.

1. Our Christmas Tree

...and its many eclectic ornaments.

2. Mistletoe

3. Gingerbread Man gift tag

4. Semi-disastrous holiday baking session

5. Holiday Candy Wreaths

6. My poinsettia and the Abominable Snowman

7. Evan and our new afghan.

8. Krampus cards for our Merry Krampus Party. Handmade by XXXLittWear and they arrived on Christmas Eve.

9. Christmas M&Ms. Minty goodness.

10. Embroidery floss. This floss belonged to my grandmother, who was an excellent craftswoman, master cook, and beholder of all holy handmade knowledge. Apparently she would get embroidery thread through friends in Mexico and saved every last scrap. When she passed away 5 years ago, her children--my father and his sister--inherited her belongings, including knitting needles, crochet hooks, and embroidery thread. And now some of its been passed onto me.

11. Christmas: An American Annual of Christmas Literature and Art, Vols. 31, 35, &36 (1961, 1965, & 1966, respectively). History, music, poetry, art, cultural anthropology.

12. Vintage Pyrex: an early birthday gift from my Grandmother.

13. It's a Marshmallow World by Dean Martin. Definitely in my top 5 Christmas songs.

14. Krampus Festivus beer Christmas tree. All 400oz consumed.

15. New little friends: piggy and alpaca finger puppets procured by our friend Jordan from a woman in San Francisco.

16. Post-Krampus Festivus breakfast: mini boyfriend-made pancakes with peanut butter and satsuma oranges.

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