December 27, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

I'll be a busy, busy bee this week. Here is what I want to get done:

1. Get organized: I have a binder full of patterns--some originals and some that I found online. My goal this week is to go through this binder and figure out a method to the madness. I bought some dividers yesterday and have an idea for how to keep track of said patterns, my yarn inventory, and potential projects.

2. Complete craft projects in progress: namely my apron and some better-late-than-never Christmas presents.

3. Make 2011 planner

4. Clean out the kitchen: I got some lovely new cookery for Christmas (thanks family!) so I definitely need to get rid of some old pots and pans that I never use.

Lots of stuff. Hopefully I'll have time to record some of it.

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