September 5, 2010

Spring Cleaning in September

I finally bit the bullet and cleaned out my yarn stash this week...or at least that's what I tried to do. I sat down and went through my collection of yarn with an editor's eye, but found that I couldn't part with much. In the end I ended up re-winding some balls of yarn and letting go of a handful of skeins, including some baby alpaca yarn that I posted on my Etsy store.

Although I wasn't able to downsize my yarn stash, my spring cleaning impulses lead me to looking through my modest collection of crafting books. I gathered them up and went though each and every one. I looked at every pattern and bookmarked each project that caught my eye. However, I limited myself to tagging 2 or 3 patterns per book--a challenging, yet necessary rule given my propensity to collect patterns.

Any book that didn't contain patterns that I desperately needed to make were swiftly moved in to the "toss" pile. I'm planning on trying to sell these to Walden Pond Books, a local independent bookstore, but if need be I'll donate them to the Oakland Public Library.

Another victory from this cleaning session came in the form of (yet another) project list. Nearly every skein of yarn is mentally reserved for a specific project. I even wrote some down and devised a priority-based system: unfinished, on-going and knitted pieces that need to be reworked or re-appropriated must be worked on first. I have some pieces that I started over a year ago, and I can't stand the fact that I haven't completed them. So my goal is to work my way through each project and hopefully do one a week...or at least work on these projects on a consistent basis so that I don't wind up in the same situation a year from now.

So I wasn't able to get rid of much yarn, but now I have a plan for projects, a (soon to be) reduced reference library and GOALS. Wish me luck.

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