August 29, 2010

Earrings Mod: A Basic How-To

My amateur--and successful(!)--adventure in jewelry modification.

A little while ago I picked up these great earring from the Laney Flea Market. These elaborate, dangly clip-ons caught my eye while I was riffling through a bin of jewelry. I absolutely loved the cut-out design and the round bit on the post--a little mod and a little flirty.

There's just one problem: the clip-ons HURT! I could barely wear them for more than a few hours without my earlobes screaming for relief. But I couldn't stand to stash them away so I decided to take matters into my own hands and put my very, very basic jewelry-making skills to use. So I bought a pair of jewelry pliers, unearthed a package of fish hook findings, and got to work.

Here's how I did it:

You will need: a pair of earrings in need of some modification, a pair of jewelry pliers and two fish hook findings.

Access the situation, clear your workspace, and get in your crafty zone.

Take one earring and grasp the jump ring with the tip of your jewelry pliers.

Grab the other end of the jump ring with another pair or pliers (or in my case my fingers) and gently, but firmly, twist so that the ring ends separate slightly.

Switch out the original clip-on finding with the fish hook finding...

...and close the jump ring by pinching it closed. I like to sandwich the twisted jump finding between the two tweezer bits of the jewelry pliers.

Then use the jewelry pliers to close the gap by gently squeezing the jump ring from the sides. Try to bring the ends as close together as possible without bending the ring out of shape.

Repeat, marvel at your handiwork,
and wear them with pride.

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