March 28, 2010

Thrift Store Haul

Apparently there is a new "journalistic" phenomenon on the Internets: hauls, videos of mostly (young) girls and women who show off their latest purchases, usually clothing, makeup and the like. Well, maybe its not entirely new--i.e. was born within the last few months--but it is kinda new to me. I recently watched one, and my brain (and ovaries) just about exploded from vapid consumerism sensory overload. I have no intention of performing any further research on this particular niche of video documentation, but I would like to offer my own version: Thrift Store Haul! I hope it catches on.

That being said...

I love--and I mean LOVE--thrifting. I've found some amazing things at thrift stores and flea markets like vintage dishware, bohemian scarves and vases. I particularly keep my eye out for Pyrex and enamel bake ware from the 60s and 70s and any dishware that has any indication that it is old and/or was made in Japan. My theory is that you can't beat good quality, classic dishware, especially when it rarely costs more than $5 a piece.

These mixing bowls are my favorite! I have such fond memories of using bowls just like these (except yellow) to make cookies and other comfort foods with my mom. (I definitely inherited a love for all things old from her, and that gene is definitely kicking in!)

I have two small Pyrex mixing bowls that my mom gave me and recently picked up a divided, oval casserole dish from this set from a thrift store.

I also frequent particular thrift stores. My favorite spots include: the Goodwill store on San Pablo in Oakland, Thrift Town in Hawyard and the Laney Flea Market, also in Oakland, all of which are great for old dishware, t-shirts and vintage--sometimes real, but mostly costume-- jewelry.

On my way home from work this past Monday, I stopped by the Goodwill on San Pablo in search of some t-shirts for my sewing projects. I couldn't resist looking through their kitchen ware section and left with some amazing finds.

The green, lily pad plate and dark glass flower petal shaped bowl both caught my eye for the entertaining possibilities that they hold. We have a (nearly) complete dinner ware set (Thanks Mom!) but very few platters or appetizer-type plates or bowls. So I'm constantly on the look out for little dishes and bowls that will eventually give me an eclectic collection of dishware.

And I absolutely fell in love with the silver rimmed, white lace motifed plate (made in Japan). Ever since I watched this video and read this blog post on DIY serving trays, I've wanted to make my own. I figured that with the right vase or cup, this plate would make a lovely cake, or cupcake, stand. Now I just need to find said glassware. I smell another thrift haul...

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