March 3, 2010

Catnip and Philosophy

Freddy, our friends' cat, who stays with us occasionally.
He REALLY like the nip and was one of my feline inspirations for making these little buddies.

The wet weather and an unplanned, minor knitting injury have prompted me to start making catnip buddies again. I stopped by a pet store on my way home from work last week and picked up some more catnip. And I have to admit that I've developed a discerning nose for this kitty treat. I never thought that the odor of catnip would vary between different brands, but apparently it does. I had been using Cosmic Catnip but I didn't like that it contained a lot of twigs and although fragrant, was not particularly potent. (But it was free, so I can't really complain.) So this time around I went back to the VIP Premium Catnip that I've used before: its made up of small leaves and has a super strong, almost spicy catnip scent.

Wow...I didn't think that I'd ever wind up developing a preference for catnip, not to mention discuss it on a blog post. Enough catnip talk, lets get to the buddies.

Yellow Canary

Same design as my Cardinal Birdie, but in yellow.


Hanging out with his cracker snack counterparts.

Two Tone Heart

Too late for Valentine's Day, but any day can be a
good day to give your kitten a heart full of catnip.

All will be on my Etsy soon, or if sold out, will be available through special order.

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