February 24, 2010

Rainy Days and Small Frys

This past Sunday I participated in the monthly Craft Market at Royal NoneSuch Gallery, an awesome little local artist and community geared gallery in Oakland. I whipped up a couple of batches of cupcakes and some catnip buddies for the event. My hopes and aspirations of selling out of cupcakes and the dreaded magnets that I've had for years were quickly dashed by the nasty, rainy weather. For some reason, without fail, the heavens decide to open up and drop buckets of rain during these Craft Markets; while the days before and after each of the past three craft markets have enjoyed perfect, sunny California weather, the actual event itself has suffered from cold, rainy conditions.
Exactly how we felt. Image is from here.

Although the icky weather kept shoppers indoors and drove sales into the ground, it did provide for some quality bonding time with my fellow Craft Market entrepreneurs (...and my knitting!). Which brings me to my point: I am pleased to announce an addition to my plushy animal collection. One of the aforementioned Craft Market entrepreneurs is the creative genius behind Small Fry, a line of plushy, felt animal creatures. Each small fry is an original design that is handmade by the "Mysterious R" with the help from her vintage Singer sewing machine, which she taught herself how to use. She also sells her goods on Etsy, although with not nearly as much success as she deserves.

After lusting after one of her Small Fry creatures for months, I couldn't hold out any longer. I thought long and hard and after nearly four hours of oscillating between resisting temptation and trying to decide between her many Small Frys, I finally ponied up $4 for this Wee Fry:

If you could feel him, then you'd fall in love with him too. He's just so voluminous!

...and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Even as I plucked him from amongst all the other Wee Frys, I knew that he was "the one." I even knew where he would reside inside my lovely abode: on my nightstand and right next to my Ikea globe lamp. I think that he fits in perfectly with my other plushy buddies, one of whom is particularly voluptuous.

From left to right: Clarence (the shark), Sir Edward and Mango.

In case you were interested: Clarence and Sir Edward are Squishables, and they have tons of giant plushy friends, and Mango is a Build-A-Bear.

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