February 3, 2010

More Fun With Felt

I've been having so much fun with felt lately! About three weeks ago I started preparing my Esty shop for Valentine's Day, by which I mean I began making bunches and bunches of heart shaped felt pillows, magnets and pins. I'm quite pleased with what I've created thus far.

I tested the waters by making plain heart pillows in the usual Valentine's Day colors: pink, red, white. Then I threw in a purple one for good measure. The white one with pink accents marks my foray into more complex designs. I posted these on my Esty shop and sold them almost immediately. (I was so pleased!)

Then I decided to make pins. I bought a pack of 60 small pin backs a couple of months ago and thought that now would be the perfect time to make use of them. I also started to use the dark red and and hot pink felt that I had purchased at the fabric store. I especially enjoyed playing around with felt and embroidery color combinations, as well as varying my stitches.

I also found the notion of making conversation heart inspired pins impossible to ignore. My first conversation heart just had a simple "x0x0" stitched on it. The next one I made out of hot pink felt and stitched "sweet" with white embroidery thread. I ended up giving this one to my friend Kimi, because she loved it so much...and because she so cleverly pointed out the visual pun that I had sooo obviously meant to make. (no sarcasm at all in the second half of that last sentence.) These are the two that I made as pins for BoutiqueAliciaMarie.

As you all know, I love, love, love cupcakes. I love to bake cupcakes of all kinds and decorate them with tasty, pretty frostings. Which makes the story behind this next felt buddy so curious: how did I not think of this design sooner? Never the mind, though; I have created him and he is adorable (and for sale).

My latest felt magnet set sports an Under the Sea theme. Inspired by my last trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (so AWESOME), this set includes one peach sea star, one aquamarine sea horse and one seven-legged, smiley faced octopus. By far my favorite magnet set to date.

(on Etsy, too)

One last felt buddy for today. This fried egg was my first felt buddy pin. I created him for much the same reasons as with its fried egg iCozy counterpart: simplicity and amusement. I was particularly pleased with myself for coming up with the title for this listing on Etsy. Egg-cellent...


  1. I love your felt creations! And when I saw Kimi wearing you're sweetheart pin I was very jealous.
    Where do you usually buy your felt? Do you buy it online, or are there local places that sell nice quality felt that you go to?

  2. Well...most of the felt that I have was gifted to me by Alyssa. So you can attribute Ms. Alcorn to my current felt collection. But I've also found felt at local fabric and craft stores. Places like JoAnn's and Beverly's has felt by the bolt and pre-cut as well, but the colors tend to be limited. The felt also tends to be synthetic. I haven't looked online for felt, but I'm sure that you could find both a wider selection of colors and natural, wool felt as well. Perhaps I shall blog about this conundrum in the future...