September 14, 2009

Handicraft Diary: Double Wrap Cowl

For years I have bought yarn with the good intentions of using every last skein in a timely manner. Sometimes I would buy yarn with a particular project in mind. More often than not however, I found myself being seduced by yarns of various colors, textures and reasonable prices. I've also received quite a bit of yarn as gifts.

As a result, I have collected a massive stockpile of yarn. True, I keep it neatly stored away in plastic bins. But still, I have too much. Earlier this year I banned myself from buying anymore yarn until I use most of it up. I compiled a list of projects that had been swimming in my head and vowed to begin ticking off said projects this summer. Well...moving, job seeking and the catnip toys delayed this grandiose idea, but now I am resolved to see it through.

With that said, I introduce to you my first undertaking in my Handicraft Diary:

Double Wrap Cowl

I wanted something simple and yet elegant. I found the pattern for this cowl at Cocoknits while I was looking for projects that called for chunky alpaca yarn. I received 8 skeins of Misti International Chunky Baby Alpaca yarn for Christmas a few years ago. And, much like with all of my more luxurious yarns, I saved it for the perfect project. I figured that this yarn would be the perfect material for the maiden project for my Handicraft Diary.

You can download the pattern and try it for yourself. Using a 2 x 2 rib stitch, I followed the directions exactly, and am quite pleased with the result. The simple trick of sewing the ends together with the wrong and right sides facing each other gives this cowl an effortless, elegant slouch. Plus alpaca–the warmest, softest natural fiber–makes it beautiful to wear in every way…especially if you don’t mind minor shedding!

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